Delivery/ Collection/ Storage on behalf of customers

the old pine shop delivers to your door


Most deliveries are completed quicker than our competitors! 

We can deliver our furniture anywhere in mainland England and Wales as well as southern parts of Scotland. We will try and do this personally for you as it's great to meet and chat with our customers. We also offer an assembly service for knock down wardrobes. We can combine deliveries and if you are not in a rush we can offer discounted rates, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.

Unfortunately we can't be in two places at once (although sometimes it seems like we are!) so we've teamed up with a very professional and reliable specialist furniture courier. Of course you can also collect your item and we have included the option in our checkout system. We prefer this, as again we get to chat and it's a chance to show off the rest of our beautiful stock!

The courier

Is the choice if you can't collect and we are not able to do it personally. Again, there are options during checkout which you can choose from or discuss it with us before or after purchase.

There is a lot we need to tell you about the delivery so you will find more under 'Terms' which, although boring, is a must read.

To cover the basics, you will get a delivery day which is usually within 7 to 14 days of purchase (mostly less than 7!) and a two hour time slot roughly 48 hours prior to the day. Mostly a one man delivery so best make sure your gym subscription is up to date! Joking aside, we sell old pine so it's not all that heavy and we can look at options if you'd rather watch somebody else do it.

Details about courier delivery for the old pine shop
Not ready for your delivery from The Old Pine Shop?

Not quite ready for delivery?

If your decorating isn't quite finished or not exactly going to plan, you don't have to miss out on that perfect piece of furniture. It really would be a shame as most pieces we sell are a one off and when they're gone they're gone!

However, we have a solution. We'll keep it with us all nice and safe until you're ready to take delivery. All we ask is that you pay for the item at time of purchase and you're not really going on a five year trip exploring the world...

Again, there is more info under 'Terms'.

If you wish to return your item you will find details under 'Terms'.