Painting Our Waxed Furniture

Although we love the look of our waxed furniture we do understand that some customers would prefer a painted finish. No problem, just paint it!

Can you really paint straight on top of the wax? A painter told me you can't...

Ignore the doubters! In the majority of cases with our furniture, the answer is yes!

Chalk based paints will stick to the wax without issue. We have also found good results with matt water based paints.

Just a couple of thoughts:

Chalk paints and other water based paints will not necessary act as stain blockers. If you get 'bleed through' after the first coat then a sealing coat is the way forward. Although we have found subsequent coats tend to resolve the issue anyway.

On some more rustic pieces you can sometimes get a heavier build up of wax and we would recommend removing this with white spirit first.

We can advise on which pieces of our furniture will give good results when painting.